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Meet Jen Elmquist

Jen Elmquist, MA, LMFT is the author of Relationship Reset and the designer of your online couples experience.

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Relationship Reset – The Book



Secrets from a Couples Therapist that Will Revolutionize Your Love for a Lifetime

Relationship Reset reveals the secrets to becoming a better couple through exposing valuable information from current research and identifying critical insights that make relating easier.

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Discover the unique and simple steps to creating a great relationship that can last a lifetime.

The Relationship Reset Experience was built to bring cutting edge knowledge and sustainable learning to revolutionize the couple relationship.

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The more you and your partner feel heard and understood, the better you will feel about your relationship. #RelationshipReset
As humans, we begin growing and developing in relationships the minute we are born. #RelationshipReset
Just like the seasons change, so do we. Is your relationship ready for a reset? #RelationshipReset